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New York Sets A High Bar For Parental Relocation

New York is among a select handful of states that severely limit a custodial parent’s ability to move out-of-state. The prohibitions stem from the notion that it is advantageous when both parents are involved in a child’s upbringing. Moreover, courts recognize that relocating can have a major impact on a child’s mental health, as the child’s school, friends, community, and access to other family members will undergo dramatic change.

The law offices of Warren Welch Esq., LLC, have assisted numerous parents secure permission to relocate. Based in Rochester, the firm serves clients throughout the region. Founding attorney Warren Welch has practiced family law for more than 40 years in jurisdictions across New York. He has the experience to help you build the strongest possible case for relocation.

What The Courts Take Into Account When Considering Relocation

Family law courts endeavor to act in the best interests of the child. They do not want to sever what might be a strong relationship with a noncustodial parent, or tear a child away from a hospitable environment. At the same time, the courts recognize that there are circumstances when a move can greatly benefit the child.

As such, the courts consider a range of factors when determining whether to permit relocation, including:

  • Each parent’s rationale for seeking or opposing the relocation
  • The strength of the child’s relationships with each parent
  • How the move away will impact the child’s relationship with the noncustodial parent and other family members
  • The extent to which the child stands to benefit from the relocation

Attorneys and staff at Warren Welch, Esq, LLC, will work rigorously to secure your right to relocate. Mr. Welch understands the importance of these matters, and will endeavor to demonstrate how moving can greatly benefit the child, without damaging his or her other relationships. Support For Your Family Law Matters

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