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Are Health Care Expenses Included In Child Support?

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) came revisions to New York’s laws concerning child support. Namely, the rules that set out parents’ obligations to pay their children’s medical expenses became more stringent.

The intentions behind the law are admirable. Simply put, the courts are trying to guarantee that children are adequately cared for. Yet the changes in the law can place an undue burden on parents, mandating that they pay fees they did not foresee, and for which they had not budgeted. Yet failure to meet these new obligations can carry serious consequences. There will be fines, and an individual’s child custody rights and support obligations might be affected, as well.

A Lawyer With A Rich History Of Service In The Region

Just coming to understand what you owe can be incredibly complex. As such, overlooking or missing a required payment is a common occurrence. Warren Welch, Esq., LLC, in Rochester, New York, is ready to help. Mr. Welch has more than 40 years experience in matters pertaining to family law. He and the firm’s professional staff keep abreast of legal issues that affect Rochester-based individuals and their families, and will protect you from the most common — and uncommon — legal missteps.

There is very little case law to dictate matters at the intersection of child support and health care. As such, judges and magistrates have a great deal of authority to determine how much a parent should pay. This is why experienced legal guidance is essential; a knowledgeable lawyer can advocate making sure that you are not compelled to overpay your share.

Attorney Warren Welch will work closely with you throughout your case, always keeping the interests of children first. He will always strive to ensure that your children have adequate health insurance and support for their day-to-day needs. Yet Mr. Welch protects parents, too. He will negotiate assertively with attorneys, magistrates and judges so that his you will not be forced to contribute excessively to their children’s care.

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