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How Do New York’s Child Support Laws Apply To Me?

When a marriage ends, the children’s welfare should remain a paramount concern. One of the ways that New York provides for children in a divorce has been to establish the Child Support Standards Act, which are found in the Domestic Relations Law and the Family Court Act. The courts and attorneys use these guidelines to calculate child support fairly, correctly, and accurately.

At the Rochester law offices of Warren Welch, Esq., LLC, attorney Welch and staff keep up to date as these guidelines change. The law firm will strives to help you reach an amicable child agreements by looking at all applicable factors.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Under New York law, the non-primary parent is required to pay child support to the primary parent until the child turns 21 years old or is emancipated. The payment amount is determined by a standard formula. The courts will also consider expenses such as extra-curricular activity expenses, insurance and education costs such as tuition if the child attends private school.

Many parents, however, come to a customized agreement that works for their unique situations. For example, some parents may agree that support will continue for four consecutive years after high school to cover college expenses. Such arrangements may entail one parent pays more than his or her share for a time, but also allows parents to keep control of their finances.

A Dedicated And Detailed Lawyer

Attorney Warren Welch has over 40 years of experience representing parents in child support negotiations and determinations. He will carefully guide you through this complex process making sure you comply with the state guidelines and that all the children’s needs are met. He can also help you if you need a modification of an existing child support order, because your circumstances have substantially changed.

Do you have other questions about support, alimony or spousal support? How can the law firm help you? Contact their offices schedule your consultation. You can send an email, or call 585-200-5437 to arrange your appointment.