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Is Separation More Advantageous Than Divorce?

More and more often, couples are opting to end their marriages by not ending them. That is, rather than divorcing, many couples maintain indefinite legal separations. There are many advantages to doing so. Separated couples can continue to file taxes jointly and reap the associated benefits. They can share health insurance coverage and Social Security payments. Separation also allows couples to maintain a connection even when living apart, and to avoid the rancor and stress of divorce proceedings.

Yet it remains important for separated individuals to protect themselves, and securing the services of a family lawyer is key. For more than 40 years , the law offices of Warren Welch Esq., LLC, has assisted couples in Rochester and throughout the region devise amicable, mutually beneficial separation agreements. Founding attorney Warren Welch is committed to helping you navigate the end of your relationship without falling into the common pitfalls.

How Will A Separation Leave Me Exposed To Risk?

Couples in long-term separations face a unique set of challenges and vulnerabilities. Most importantly, their finances are still intertwined. If one partner accumulates credit card debt, or receives a substantial salary increase at work, it will impact the other’s fortunes greatly. Likewise, couples committed to separation may feel limited in their ability to pursue future relationships.

With proper planning, though, each party can remain independent, and largely unaffected by the other’s decisions. Mr. Welch is skilled in helping couples find effective, enduring resolution. Mr. Welch has assisted numerous couples in drafting legally binding agreements concerning finances, health care, assets, child care, spousal support and other considerations. He is always ready to provide experienced counsel and will work closely with you to help you reach your goals.

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