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A Divorce Agreement Can Change With Time

Various situations in life can result in one party requesting modifications to a divorce decree or court order. These situations can arise years after a divorce has been finalized and can affect child support, custody and spousal maintenance. The law office of Warren Welch Esq., LLC has the experience necessary to advance your position—whether you are requesting changes or contest the proposed changes.

Why Are Modifications Sought?

Attorney Warren Welch has been practicing family law for over 40 years . He has helped many individuals experiencing situations similar to yours. Mr. Welch can ease your fears, give you realistic expectations for your case and provide you the knowledge you need to face the issues. He has substantial knowledge of the various reasons people seek child support modification, child custody modification and spousal support modification, including:

  • Changed living arrangements – one party is now co-habitating with another adult
  • Remarriage
  • Job loss
  • Increased or decreased income
  • Injury or disability
  • Child expresses a desire to live with the other parent

It may be requested that support payments are terminated or adjusted upwards or downwards. It may be requested the visitation arrangements change because one parent wants to relocate. There are any number of reasons a person may seek modification—and any number of reasons why a person may be opposed to the change. Mr. Welch and staff will approach your legal needs on a case-by-case basis, determining the best possible outcome for your situation.

Knowledgeable Legal Guidance

Would you like to speak with a lawyer regarding post-divorce modification? Call the firm at 585-200-5437 to schedule your consultation. You can also email the firm and a member of the professional staff will be in touch with you promptly.