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Settling Finances During And After Divorce

Married couples are required to support each other. With regard to finances, this support must continue even if the marriage ends. There will be temporary maintenance — money paid by one partner to the other during divorce proceedings. There will be permanent alimony — money paid by one partner to the other for a prolonged, ongoing period of time.

In New York, the courts have a great deal of discretion in spousal support disputes. If partners cannot come to terms on their own, a judge determines the size of maintenance payments as well as their duration. It is important, when entering maintenance proceedings, to have an experienced attorney at your side to ensure you are treated fairly. The legal team at Warren Welch Esq., LLC, can help.

Defending Your Standard Of Living

For more than 40 years , Warren Welch, Esq., LLC, has assisted individuals in Rochester with all aspects of divorce proceedings. In spousal maintenance disputes, attorney Welch offers experienced counsel to individuals seeking payment, and will work to obtain the support to which they are entitled. The courts consider “the standard of living established during the marriage” as one of the primary criteria when determining just maintenance payments; he will advocate firmly on your behalf to see that this standard is met.

Protection Against Overpayment

The law firm also represents individuals designated to provide maintenance. In many cases, individuals without effective legal counsel are compelled to pay unjust sums to their former spouses. Mr. Welch and staff will investigate every aspect of a couple’s financial portfolio, making sure that each party fully discloses their income and assets so that neither party is unduly burdened.

Support In All Aspects Of Divorce Proceedings

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